About Me

I work on linguistic complexity and natural language generation. This means I spend a lot of time thinking about adaptive generation, which requires NLG systems which produce a variety of outputs suitable to different levels of linguistic complexity.


  • Natural Language Generation
  • Text Quality Evaluation & Estimation
  • Linguistic Complexity
  • Automatic Text Simplification


  • MSc in Language Science & Technology, 2015

    Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany

  • AB in Linguistics; BS in Mathematics, 2010

    University of Gerogia, Athens, GA, USA

Recent Publications

Semantic Noise Matters for Neural Natural Language Generation

Neural natural language generation (NNLG) systems are known for their pathological outputs, i.e. generating text which is unrelated to …

How Speakers Adapt Object Descriptions to Listeners under Load

A controversial issue in psycholinguistics is the degree to which speakers employ audience design during language production. …

Toward Bayesian Synchronous Tree Substitution Grammars for Sentence Planning

Developing conventional natural language generation systems requires extensive attention from human experts in order to craft complex …

G-TUNA: A Corpus of Referring Expressions in German, Including Duration Information

Corpora of referring expressions elicited from human participants in a controlled environment are an important resource for research on …

The Extended SPaRKy Restaurant Corpus: Designing a Corpus with Variable Information Density

Natural language generation (NLG) systems rely on corpora for both hand-crafted approaches in a traditional NLG architecture and for …

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Crowdsourcing and evaluating text quality

Over the last decade, crowdsourcing has become a standard method for collecting training data for NLP tasks and evaluating NLP systems …

Learning Sentence Planning Rules with Bayesian Methods

Data-driven natural language generation (NLG) is not a new concept. For decades, researchers have been studying corpora to inform their …

Recent Posts

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