About Me

I work on linguistic complexity and natural language generation. This means I spend a lot of time thinking about adaptive generation, which requires NLG systems which produce a variety of outputs suitable to different levels of linguistic complexity.


  • Natural Language Generation
  • Text Quality Evaluation & Estimation
  • Linguistic Complexity
  • Automatic Text Simplification


  • MSc in Language Science & Technology, 2015

    Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany

  • AB in Linguistics; BS in Mathematics, 2010

    University of Gerogia, Athens, GA, USA

Recent Publications

Twenty Years of Confusion in Human Evaluation: NLG Needs Evaluation Sheets and Standardised Definitions

Human assessment remains the most trusted forrm of evaluation in NLG, but highly diverse approaches and a proliferation of different …

Disentangling the Properties of Human Evaluation Methods: A Classification System to Support Comparability, Meta-Evaluation and Reproducibility Testing

Current standards for designing and reporting human evaluations in NLP mean it is generally unclear which evaluations are comparable …

Semantic Noise Matters for Neural Natural Language Generation

Neural natural language generation (NNLG) systems are known for their pathological outputs, i.e. generating text which is unrelated to …

Noise and Neural Natural Language GenerationRubbish in, Rubbish out?

How Speakers Adapt Object Descriptions to Listeners under Load

A controversial issue in psycholinguistics is the degree to which speakers employ audience design during language production. …

Recent & Upcoming Talks


Disentangling 20 years of confusion: quo vadis, human evaluation?

Crowdsourcing and evaluating text quality

Over the last decade, crowdsourcing has become a standard method for collecting training data for NLP tasks and evaluating NLP systems …

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