Research Fellow in Natural Language Generation

Edinburgh Napier University

I primarily work on natural language generation (NLG), developing new machine learning methods for data-to-text generation, collecting corpora to train systems, and conducting human evaluations (usually through crowdsourcing). I’m also interested in psycholinguistics, linguistic representations, and Bayesian statistics. For fun I like to sing 🎤🎶 and play video games 🎮🖥️.

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The easiest way to reach me for academic/research/work related inquiries is via my Napier email address.

Recent employment

Research Fellow
Edinburgh Napier University
June 2021 – Present Edinburgh, Scotland

Postdoc on the NLG for Low-Resource Domains project.

  • Acquired small grant funding for “Scottish Gaelic Generation for Exhibits”
  • Implement neural NLG models (existing & novel)
  • Conduct crowdsourcing experiments to build datasets and evaluate systems
Research Associate
Heriot-Watt University
June 2019 – April 2021 Edinburgh, Scotland

Postdoc on the Madrigal project.

  • Led research into best practices for human evaluation of NLG systems.
  • Developed statistical programs for analysing rating scale data.
  • Contributed to research on semantic control of neural NLG systems.
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Saarland University
October 2014 – May 2019 Saarbrücken, Germanz

Student researcher on SFB 1102 Project A4 and in the LSV.

  • Developed Bayesian nonparametric methods for inducing synchronous grammars for NLG.
  • Designed a new human evaluation interface for NLG systems.
  • Created a new corpus for data-to-text NLG with variable information density.
  • Researched readability prediction based on psycholinguistic measures of online sentence processing.
  • Helped design psycholinguistic experiments on referring expressions.
  • Contributed to research on applying AI planning techniques to rule-based NLG systems.